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Catalytic Leadership in Agile Transformation

Leaders learn how to make a positive impact and build trust during their Agile transformation.

Organizations traveling on the path to Agility often face a challenge - teams become Agile before management does.

Teams are often sent to Agile training and begin adjusting how they work by adopting Agile values, principles, and methods. Meanwhile, management rarely receives any Agile training or coaching support and continues to use management methods they are familiar with, which are often diametrically opposite to the Agile approach. This mismatch between teams and management often causes unnecessary conflict and needless destruction of human potential and business value.

The Catalytic Leadership workshop aims to disrupt this needless destruction by helping traditional managers grow into catalytic leaders!

Who is a Catalytic Leader?

In chemistry, a catalyst is a “substance that increases the rate of a reaction without itself being consumed”. In most cases, you need just a tiny amount of a catalyst to make a difference. In an organizational context, a catalyst can be a person who “provokes or speeds significant change or action”. At Org Whisperers, we believe that a Catalytic Leader is a person who creates a disproportionately large, positive impact on an organization’s Agile adoption. They create this powerful impact by enabling teams to grow into high-performing Agile teams that are empirical, outcome-focused, and self-managing. This workshop will help your managers flex their muscles and grow into Catalytic Leaders who unleash high-performing, self-managing Agile teams across your organization.


Who Should Attend?

This workshop is intended for current or potential leaders in organizations that are traveling on the path to agility. Ideal students will demonstrate these qualities…

  • Curious to learn new ways of leadership

  • Humble and bring a beginner’s mind, willing to leave behind what they feel to be the right way

  • Hungry to grow as a leader

  • Action-oriented and ready to apply what they learn immediately


What are the Topics and Learning Outcomes?

By the end of the workshop, students will learn:

  • Agile values and principles

  • Characteristics of effective Agile teams

  • What Agile Teams need from their leaders

  • Principles of Catalytic Leadership

  • Practices of Catalytic Leadership

  • How to learn more and get continued support

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