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Agile Enablement

A Dagger in the Heart of
4 Signs You Are Too Modern
For Agile
Predicting The End Date of Agile Transformation


Agile Leadership

Lego®, Play-Doh®, and Calico®: How To Enable Cross Functional Scrum Teams
3 Characteristics of Highly Agile Executives: Lessons
from the C-Suite
How to Manage the
Pain of Distributed
Scrum Teams


Agile Training & Coaching

7 Ways to Maximize Gain and Minimize Pain of Agile Training
10 Coaching Questions To Enable Self Organization
10 Questions to Help You Find Your Perfect Coach


Evidence-Based Agility

How to Shift from Self-Defeating Pseudo Agility to Authentic Evidence-Based Agility
Evidence Based Agility S04 E29
Agile Metrics


Scrum Events

What Is A Scrum Sprint Part 1 S04 E27
What Is A Scrum Sprint Part 2 S04 E28
How to Conduct An Effective Sprint Retrospective S04 E26


Scrum Roles & Teams

6 Ways To Unstuck Your Product Ownership
10 Interview Questions to Find Your Perfect Scrum Master or Agile Coach
Intro To


Scrum Principles & Values

6 Ways To Unstuck Your Product Ownership
Intro To
Part 2- Why Large Companies Struggle With Agility


Scrum Artifacts

4 Ways to Manage The Risk Of Production Deployments in Scrum S04 E037
The Ruthless Accountability of Scrum S04 E35
Ketchikan to Chechinitza


Scaling Scrum

How to Manage the Pain of Distributed Scrum Teams


Catalytic Leadership
How to Respond When There is Resistance to Agile Ways of Working
Product Management
10 Steps to Integrate Evidence-Based Management with Scrum in 21 Days or Less
Scaling Organizational Value
How To Scale Scrum with Nexus™, Confluence & Jira - A Step By Step Approach

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