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Words From Our Customers

Org Whisperers is a straightforward, results-oriented partner. The improvements we have seen as a result of working with them are consistency among sprint teams, higher velocity and value delivered each sprint, and meeting of commitments and transparency into the planning process. I have recommended Org Whisperers before, and will continue to recommend them in the future to those seeking agile coaching services.

FinTech Company

Ravi worked as an Agile Coach for Process Improvement during our transition to Agile. He led our solutions, development, and testing teams through the process of organizing into SCRUM teams and creating Sprint backlogs to manage our software development cycles. He played a large role in defining how we could transition, manage, and measure our progress towards moving to Agile. He coached our development leads and made sure to question our old beliefs that were constraining us so that we could make a successful transition. Ravi also is a proponent of measurement, and the visibility he gave me as a CIO into our progress in developing burn-down charts, backlogs, and progress in Agile through each release was invaluable.

Media Company

As a result of working with Org Whisperers, we have seen higher quality products, lower risk to implementations, better prioritization of features, more predictable delivery of products, better transparency and metrics regarding a project, and improved business and IT alignment! Org Whisperers is value and customer focused and does the right thing regardless of popularity. They creatively find solutions to tackle the seemingly impossible!

FinTech Company

Ravi is a focused and driven leader, with a real passion for developing communication and positivity within IT Departments, and organizations at large. I have attended Ravi’s workshops, and spent considerable time discussing the industry with him, and not only is he an expert at what he does, but he continually finds ways to better himself, and his offerings. He is never satisfied with “good enough” when it comes to his work with clients, and I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking real organizational change.

Alex Gammelgard
Head of Marketing , Rentlytics

I attended a Webinar on Conflict Management by Ravi. It was of excellent value for me and I was able to use many of the concepts I learnt from the webinar at work. It has been quite insightful. Ravi has a passion for this topic and is an excellent trainer. He is able to create a positive impact on his audience with great clarity and depth of knowledge.

Hari Sudha Kumar
Head of Product Development, Nokia Siemens Network

Ravi Verma operates with an endless supply of passion for his work. He not only seeks excellence in Agile implementations but also in running the business in a way that is efficient and sustainable. He is an influential and inspiring leader that effectively operates at all levels of the company. He brings energy, compassion and integrity to everything he does.

Corey Ladd
VP – Acquisition Integration, Sabre Corporation

I have worked closely with Ravi and have immense amount of trust and respect for his capabilities and work ethic. He focused on driving Agile to drive value for the company and not just for the purpose of implementing Agile ceremonies. That is the type of thing that resonates with me!

Vice President of Product Management

Ravi is quite simply one of the most driven and professional change agents with whom I’ve ever had the pleasure of working. Every day he works to improve how this company functions, communicates and deploys. I highly recommend him to any organization looking to improve their methodology, culture and productivity!

Michael Kalman
Sr. Director - Business Operations, Sabre

Ravi gained my respect and appreciation on day one based on his substantial abilities and contributions. The environment was often chaotic and frustrating, and there many difficult challenges to be dealt with. Ravi consistently handled every situation with professionalism and a cool head, always finding ways to add value and enhance the capabilities of his team. I also appreciate the deep expertise he clearly possesses, being able to coach individuals on a team or chart out a vision for a large organization.

Chris Barnhurst
Director, Amdocs

Ravi leads the charge in driving Agile and Lean software engineering practices at Sabre. He is extremely passionate, kind and humble. His eyes shine with passion when he engages teams in discussions of the benefits and practices of deploying Agile and Lean concepts. He walks the talk in his daily dealings with colleagues. For example, he runs weekly stand ups with his team to review their progress and to identify how to remove roadblocks, he runs a Kanban board in his team’s area so its visible to everyone what has been accomplished what is currently underway and what is sitting in the team’s backlog, and he tasks work to individuals by discussing their backlogs. Ravi engages employees around him in a very caring and genuine manner. Some managers say words of support and kindness but their eyes tell you it’s simply lip service. You can see with Ravi that he genuinely cares and wants his team and his peers to succeed. He approaches his tasks and colleagues in a very humble manner which elicits the willingness to help and join his cause at rolling out Agile across the entire company.

Jane Strauss
Director of Enterprise Portfolio Management, Sabre Technologies

Ravi is a customer-focused agile enthusiast who tells the truth diplomatically but plainly and holds himself accountable through empirically measuring the results of his efforts. We asked him to assist our team regarding agile maturity plateaus. He responded by bringing energy, insight and clear diagnosis all the while focusing attention to the right areas in need of change in my organization. He is first rate.

Sean Tanner
Director of Program Management, Sabre Technologies

Working with Ravi at the AT&T Foundry altered my perspectives on business. He worked to guide us in forming an Agile in Buisness group that improved the efficiency of our cross functional teams and is helping us place rigor around our work. Because of his instruction, insight and example we understand software development methodology more fully and have been able to increase each week, our own implementation of Agile principles on the business side. He has been a most generous, gracious and helpful Agile Coach. I would recommend him to any company in any industry that is interested in improving efficiency, predictability and putting into place methods of empirically evaluating work. His presence is transformative.

Jennifer Chaffin
EBM Regional Operations, AT&T

Ravi worked for AT&T providing support for our move into the AGILE world of software development. He helped to train not only the technical staff, but also the non-technical staff not only in the AGILE methodology but the psychology that goes behind it. This was very helpful to us so the we actually embrace the psychology as well as just the teminology.. We didn’t want to be AGILE in name only, and Ravi was very instrumental in helping us to get there.

Steve Kennedy
Senior Product Development Manager, AT&T

Ravi helped establish the agile process within our program. His industry experience and knowledge of agile best practices enabled our program to get up and running on agile quickly. Ravi continued to mentor scrum masters/scrum teams and provide consultation support to product owners and project managers once the agile process was established. Ravi was always on the lookout for ways to improve the process and encouraged others to do the same.

Joyce Kinoshita
Sr. Project Manager, AT&T

We were honored to have Ravi speak for the Lone Star Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication. He was on-time, prepared, and very informative – he added creative flair when discussing Agile Techniques that pleased our group and made the topic much more fun to learn about. Although we couldn’t offer him enough time to complete his topic, he presented another webcast exclusively for our group afterwards so that everyone could hear the rest of the presentation. I look forward to working with Ravi again in the future.

Jackie Tidwell
Content Project Manager, Microsoft

Ravi is an excellent instructor: very enthusiastic in his subject matter, knowledgeable, and well organized. The way Ravi explained and structured his material was easy to follow and comprehend. The material that Ravi presented was applicable to common work tasks and I found his presentation valuable.

Lana Vutai Pham
Program Manager, Cisco Systems

Having attended several of the workshops hosted by Ravi Verma, I can wholeheartedly recommend him. He very generously shares the wealth of knowledge and insights that he brings to the table. As a result attendees learn how to improve their effectiveness within an organization. Time spent in one of his workshops is time very well spent. Decision makers will be doing themselves a favor when they avail themselves of his services for their companies.

Tim Edington
Human Resources Coordinator, McAfee (NAI)

Ravi did an outstanding job in support of AT&T APEX APIs. He is the most knowledgeable person I know in the area of Agile development. He really kept the entire Agile process moving. Ravi displayed his ability to motivate team members and communicate progress to upper leadership. In addition, Ravi is just an all around great person. It was truly my pleasure to have had the opportunity to work with Ravi.

Clayton Thomas

I had a pleasure to cooperate with Ravi during the Agile Transformation process in the organization.

Ravi was an Enterprise Agile Coach with strong Agile mindset and with solid vision of the future process, being our (Agile Coaches and company as well) driving force on the Agile path and cooperating with SVP level. Besides Agile Transformation of the general software development life-cycle process, he provided to us plenty of trainings and training materials related to Agile and Scrum. As a Professional Scrum Trainer he gladly shared his wide knowledge and great experience. The approach and experience he brought to the organization were exceptional. He set new quality of culture in which experiments are acceptable and expected. He employed pillars of Scrum as our DNA. He employed Evidence Based Management to show that we can measure our teams results and inspect and then adapt.

I am happy that I had a chance to work with such passionate, kind, knowledgeable, wise, well-organized and honest person in one human being. I owe a lot to Ravi including my personal developement and career objectives. I strongly recommend Ravi to any position that requires an Agile transformation in a big organization.

Magdalena Firlit
Principal Agile Coach, Sabre Technologies

I worked with Ravi at Sabre as part of Agile Transformation Initiative. He has a very deep knowledge of Agile and Scrum. He is an excellent trainer and knows how to explain complex ideas using simple and compelling examples. His biggest asset is the ability to ask questions which make you rethink the way you are looking at certain concepts.

Aleks Mika
Manager Agile Coach , Sabre Corporation

I worked with Ravi at Sabre, where he was Enterprise Agile Coach. Ravi’s actions are driven by the values he actually teaches. This is great as you can directly see what benefits it can bring.
He is open and respectful to others and their opinions. This very quickly lead to trust and thus enhanced cooperation. By committing to do what it takes to achieve goals he influences others behavior in the same way. His natural focus on the most important enable fast value delivery. Last but not least I credit him for a courage to tackle even the most demanding challenges.

He was focused on changing development life cycle as well as organizational culture. I witnessed Evidence Based Management application to help organization focus on achieving goals by changing the way it operates in a disciplined way. He promoted, on all organization levels, empirical approach with the focus on maximizing the value. Ravi provided a lot of Agile and Scrum related trainings, including professional ones. He was a coach and mentor for Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters and others.

I really appreciate working with Ravi as he is a great not only in professional relations but also on private ground. He was never reluctant when asked for help or mentoring event if it was a private matter.

If I was asked to put it in one sentence it would go like this: Ravi is a passionate leader whose goal is to grow organizations as well as people.

Pawel Kmiotek
Agile Coach, Software Craftsman

Org Whisperers helped us build a geographically distributed Agile Product Management Community of Practice that aligned around a shared set of principles, values, and practices. We learned how to better define our business objectives and start meeting them by customizing the lessons to our unique business context.

Org Whisperers always delivered what they promised, and as a result, our Product Owners have developed a stronger sense of their vision and have become more value-minded.

Jen Sinclair
Agile Coach, Net Health

I worked closely with Ravi on Agile coaching one of the largest Agile programs at AT&T. His never give up attitude and looking to keep the Agile Transformation moving forward is what made the program successful. I partnered with Ravi to provide training to many new hires and individuals that were new to Agile. I recommend engaging Ravi if you are looking to scale Agile for a large program/organization.

Rick Reinacher
Agile Coach, AT&T

Ravi understands the great need for communicating when rolling out technological initiatives. He creatively uses the MBTI(R) assessment to create a bridge between technology folks and the rest of us! His focus and dedication to helping others harness the downside of conflict management by using the TKI instrument deserves your attention. I have to say Ravi is one of the most dedicated learners I have worked with and is always looking for a way to logically use his new information gleaned from countless hours of research.

Becky Sandifer, Ph.D., SPHR
Executive Coach, Boeing

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