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Part 1 – The Importance of Being Questioned

Last month, I attended a conference call on Marshall Goldsmith’s new book – Mojo, and decided I just had to read it! Last week I finished reading the book and wanted to share some of his inspiring thoughts with you.

Marshal defines Mojo as the state of an individual or an organization in which everything goes right and one success leads to another, kind of like being in the zone. Nojo, on the other hand, is the exact opposite – a state where there is boredom, frustration and misery. Life is too short for us to have Nojo in our Dojo 🙂 Mojo provides simple tools and techniques to measure and boost our Mojo on a daily basis.

One of the most touching chapters in the book is the one on Daily Questions…

For the past few years, Marshall and his friend Jim Moore have been helping each other meet their daily goals. At the end of each day, they speak on the phone to ask each other a set of 17 questions. The only way to answer the question is with a yes, no or a number. The person asking the question is not allowed to criticize or judge the responses. The only allowed response is encouragement, where appropriate.

After 18 months of trying this out, Marshall and Jim were astonished to see the results that they had generated – they met all the goals and got more done than they used to before. Discontinuing the experiment for a year made them regress, so they decided to keep at it 🙂

Marshall explains this process in this article and has even shared his questions with us. This made me think – what questions would I want someone to ask me each day? And who would that person be?

What about you?

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