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Unleashing the untapped potential of teams.

Applying Agile methods to develop strong teams and inspiring leaders at all levels of the organization.

Are your teams oceans apart in a sea of uncertainty?

Our specialty is to guide team alignment around measurable business and cultural outcomes. 

Some results our customers have experienced...


Reduction in Time
to Market


Sprint Goals


Gain in


Positive Growth
in NPS

What would results like this do for your business?

Here's how we can help...

You’ll learn to navigate change through a series of controlled experiments utilizing our carefully customized playbooks, training, and coaching. Improve the way your team, stakeholders, and management collaborate as you find resilience to face an unpredictable and uncontrollable world.
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Gain insight into where you are and where you want to be in your Agile Transformation.

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Master the art of hiring, inspiring, and supporting high-performing, self-managing Agile teams.

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Evolve your teams into self-managing powerhouses of innovation and value.

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Entrepreneurial Product

Develop visionary Product Managers who thrive in delivering high-value solutions amidst rapid change.

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Scaling Organizational

Target, manage, and continuously improve the ROI of your products, services, and teams. 

Words from our customers...

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Org Whisperers is a straightforward, results-oriented partner. The improvements we have seen as a result of working with them are consistency among sprint teams, higher velocity and value delivered each sprint, and meeting of commitments and transparency in the planning process. I have recommended Org Whisperers before and will continue to recommend them in the future to those seeking agile coaching services.

FinTech Company
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Ravi worked as an Agile Coach for Process Improvement during our transition to Agile. He led our solutions, development, and testing teams through the process of organizing into SCRUM teams and creating Sprint backlogs to manage our software development cycles. He played a large role in defining how we could transition, manage, and measure our progress toward moving to Agile. He coached our development leads and made sure to question the old beliefs that were constraining us so that we could make a successful transition. Ravi also is a proponent of measurement, and the visibility he gave me as a CIO into our progress in developing burn-down charts, backlogs, and progress in Agile through each release was invaluable.

Media Company
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As a result of working with Org Whisperers, we have seen higher quality products, lower risk to implementations, better prioritization of features, more predictable delivery of products, better transparency and metrics regarding a project, and improved business and IT alignment! Org Whisperers is value and customer-focused and does the right thing regardless of popularity. They creatively find solutions to tackle the seemingly impossible!

FinTech Company
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I have worked closely with Ravi and have an immense amount of trust and respect for his capabilities and work ethic. He focused on driving Agile to drive value for the company and not just for the purpose of implementing Agile ceremonies. That is the type of thing that resonates with me!

Vice President of Product Management
Technology Company
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Ravi gained my respect and appreciation on day one based on his substantial abilities and contributions. The environment was often chaotic and frustrating, and there many difficult challenges to be dealt with. Ravi consistently handled every situation with professionalism and a cool head, always finding ways to add value and enhance the capabilities of his team. I also appreciate the deep expertise he clearly possesses, being able to coach individuals on a team or chart out a vision for a large organization.

Chris Barnhurst
Director, Amdocs
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Org Whisperers helped us build a geographically distributed Agile Product Management Community of Practice that aligned around a shared set of principles, values, and practices. We learned how to better define our business objectives and start meeting them by customizing the lessons to our unique business context. Org Whisperers always delivered what they promised, and as a result, our Product Owners have developed a stronger sense of their vision and have become more value-minded.

Jen Sinclair
Agile Coach, Net Health

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